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Effective 9/10/2021

If you are requesting registration keys, please provide the folling information:
Sysop Name that you want to use on your keys
BBS Name that you want to use on your keys

I am the author of the M&S Software line of BBS Door games. I created these BBS door games from 1989 until about 2005. Unfortunately, once the internet took over from modem based Bulletin Board Systems there was very little interest in modem based BBS door games, resulting in a lot of authors closing down creation and support of their doors. I held on longer than many and even after I stopped creating new doors or updating my existing ones, I still provided support and registration for my doors. Sometime after 2000 I stopped charging for registration and started providing free keys to any sysop that requested them. Every year since, I have received requests for registration of my doors. Over the years, I have been one of the very few door authors that was still reachable... both by phone and email. A few years ago I cancelled the phone line that was listed in my info file, but kept my email active, with the intention of maintaining that email address as long as I could.

Unfortunately, after my having the email address, mjordan@europa.com, since 1994, the hosting company for the europa.com domain has decided to retire the domain, forcing those of us still using it to move to a different email domain. For whatever reason, they said that it could not be migrated to another company or site and would be shut down at the end of September, 2021. They gave us a whole 30 days to make all of the changes and updates I would need migrate almost 28 years of use over to a different email address. While updating most of my email addresses could be done, the one problem I ran into was that I cannot update all of the copies of my software that are found on the internet. It is surprising just how many BBSes are still active today and new ones coming up all the time. So any sysop wanting to obtain a free registration key for my doors would no longer be able to contact me. Update, the company must have heard the complaints because they have extended the date to October, 31, 2021. So I have another 30 days tacked on to try and get the word out. I've started posting in the BBS groups on Facebook and will post in any other place I can think of as well.

This is why I created this web page. I am hoping that when those wishing to register my doors find that the contact information is no longer valid, they will still do a search of the internet for my name, my software name or the door game names and locate this page and then be able to contact me. There are also various BBS groups on Facebook that I will contact and let know that I'm still available to create free registration keys in case my name comes up on there.

I find it amazing in how many people still have some of the old BBS software running and active on the internet. And still have many of the old BBS door games running as well. And though I do not get a lot of requests to register my doors, I have received a number of requests every year. I hope to be able to provide registration keys for as long as there are requests coming in or as long as I am able to run my key maker. If you are a sysop that wishes to register my doors, all I need is your real name, sysop name, BBS name and email address. I have never nor will I ever, give out any of this information. As long as I can keep my key maker working... which has been a challenge at times because it was created in Windows XP and many computers ago, I will keep creating registration keys for my doors.

The following is a list of Door games I created. If you need the zipped files, let me know. They can also be found on a number of BBS sites as downloads. They have built in support for most of the major drop files created by the majority of BBS software. All doors are Fossil and RIP aware and will work with a locked DTE and non-standard addressing.

Booby Trap v4.7 - Door Game requiring skill and thought.
Find the 25 booby traps without blowing yourself to bits in a field of 152 squares.
Keeps track of time, so be accurate but be fast.
Now with the Sysop FeedBack feature.
InterBBS aware version.
File: BBYTRP47.ZIP 115k

Lady Luck 2.2 - Bet on the roll of 3 dice to try and win a bundle, but beware, the House _does_ have the advantage.
Based on the Las Vegas dice game. Formally known as Chuck-A-Luck.
File: LDYLUK22.ZIP 120k

Hot-Dice v2.3 - Roll the dice and pick the numbers from a 3x3 grid that equals the roll of the dice.
Try to get all the numbers before you run out of playable dice rolls.
File: HOTDICE23.ZIP 118k

Knight's Move v2.1 Door Game requiring skill and thought.
Move the chess Knight around the board trying to land on each square only once.
File: KNTSMV21.ZIP 115k

Peg-Jump v1.6 - Door Game requiring skill and thought.
Jump the pegs in this classic game.
But it's not just a solitaire game this time. Compete against other players for the high score.
File: PEG-JUMP.ZIP 114k

Tri-Bingo v3.6 - Door Game. _THE_ best Bingo Door Game available.
Many features added, play up to 3 cards at a time and choose from several types of Bingo games.
Several "Special" games that allow bonus payoffs.
Now with the Sysop FeedBack feature.
InterBBS aware version.
File: TBINGO36.ZIP 115k

Poker Bandit v2.2 - Poker Door Game.
Poker in a slot machine.
Place your bet and pull the handle. Payoff is based on the odds of the "Hand" that comes up.
File: POKER22.ZIP 120k

Jewel Thief ver 2.9 - Jewel Thief is a multi-level, action game, that requires concentration, courage, fast reflexes and good eye/hand coordination to be able to steal all the Jewels in each room...
Without getting Zapped by the over protective guards.
Jewel Thief is now InterBBS playable!
File: JEWEL29.ZIP 140k

Video Bandit ver 2.5 - Video Poker in a slot machine.
Similar to Poker Bandit, but in Video Bandit you can select the cards to Hold or Discard and spin again.
InterBBS aware version.

Flip Flop ver 1.1 - Flip Flop is a thinking person's game.
Try to change your opponient's pieces to your color and take it over.
Beware though, the computer is trying to do the same to your pieces.
InterBBS aware version.

Line Up ver 1.0 - Remove matching squares before the row fills up.
Additive game played on a 9x9 board. Line up the same color tiles so they disappear...
Before your board fills up with new tiles.
InterBBS aware version.

Distribution Locations: This information is included so that search engines will be able to store the information for search keywords that people might use to find my information.
None of this information is valid anymore.
M & S Software
M&S Software
Com-Dat BBS - Hillsboro, OR.
LINE (Numbers are no longer valid)
E-Mail: mjordan@europa.com (Note: No longer valid after 10/31/2001)
Web: http://www.europa.com/~mjordan (No longer valid)
New Web Site (9/15/2021): http://www.bbsdoorgames.com

Contact: Mike Jordan

If you are requesting registration keys, please provide the folling information:
Sysop Name that you want to use on your keys
BBS Name that you want to use on your keys